Lesson Learned

I hate trusting people… I hate humbling myself enough to even utter will you or can you because it always leaves me disappointed mad as hell and embarrassed😞So what do I do now? Do I show up at your house since you won’t answer my calls and tell you everything I know will make you wanna kill your self, should I talk about you in social media and air all your secrets and leak the pictures, should I take everything that I know is mines and not show an ounce of concern for you……or just walk away and forget about you your lies this feeling and the entire situation?…going forward I’ll only worry about the here and now and consume myself with only the few who I can say I can definitely depend on. I’ve always thought it to be selfish to not care about certain things or people, or to not be there for them when they need🤷🏽‍♀️Not anymore….Thanks


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