Maybe if I start my business I can get out of this funk….if I lose weight I’ll feel prettt and feel better🤔🤔🤔he’ll want me..he’ll love me more and want me more….my dr says these pills will fix me😒😒😒I kind of wanna be like🤣to his face cause for the last going on 5 yrs I’ve been a test dummy…. Zoloft✔️ Lexapro✔️ Prozac✔️ Wellbutrin✔️ Abilify✔️Effexor✔️🤦🏾‍♀️ this is just as insane as the thoughts that rush through my mind….binge eating has become the highlight of my day😌that and having an empty silent house ALL to myself with no texts or calls interrupting the quiet…. I wonder if this is how my mom felt but decided to keep it hidden. I wonder if she left because “she” was ready and tired of feeling this way…. the way my sisters and I feel…empty sometimes. Rage often… hurt and lonely… angry and sad…extremely daring smh…that’s a day in my head..being me…BUT I’m attempting to PUSH on and not give in to this…..whatever it is


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