Case of the ex

Definitely my first and should’ve been my all and last but life tumbled it’s way for you and a million for me…let’s keep in touch through the patches and storms that life gifts us with you help me and vice versa common goal being each other’s well being. Would’ve never imagined you’d change it up and be as average and unmeasuring undeserving as any other until you showed me you’ve flipped and turn over different leaves. When you can lie next to me after being graced with the essence of what lies between these thighs and conversate about another👀👀🖕🏽🖕🏽 bwoy you tried it! I ain’t gon trip or lose sleep about it though I’m just fall back in line and sit back in the shadows and make you miss the very smell, taste, feeling and look of all that was almost yours…




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