What’s anxiety like you ask? …it’s like trying to prepare for a life threatening storm but being stopped at every 3rd step to answer where’s the charger, the toy, tell him to stop, hey you sit down,hey mom are you tired, why are you breathing so hard like you’re running👀👀BECAUSE along with everything mini second of demands being thrown at me, I feel like the air is being sucked out of me slowly… I’m trying to accept this eviction that no one knows we’re facing, keep my job in order to have some form of stability, keep up with not 1 but 4 other minds all while smiling and looking pretty😂 I pray stay filled with faith stay humble be grateful help when and where I can watch my words and facial expressions because those alone can cut a person down a size or 5 lol…. what’s anxiety?…. Anxiety is planning to get things in order but actually planning to go through EVERYthing that could possibly screw it up. It’s feeling uncomfortable around others because you’re not even comfortable within yourself. It’s the ability to look at yourself and pull out every flaw she has but not 1 quality worth preserving….hell is there 1 that even exists in she….she is me that much I’m certain of but what the definition of anxiety truly is🤔🤔🤔 I’ll have another answer tomorrow 


Lesson Learned

I hate trusting people… I hate humbling myself enough to even utter will you or can you because it always leaves me disappointed mad as hell and embarrassed😞So what do I do now? Do I show up at your house since you won’t answer my calls and tell you everything I know will make you wanna kill your self, should I talk about you in social media and air all your secrets and leak the pictures, should I take everything that I know is mines and not show an ounce of concern for you……or just walk away and forget about you your lies this feeling and the entire situation?…going forward I’ll only worry about the here and now and consume myself with only the few who I can say I can definitely depend on. I’ve always thought it to be selfish to not care about certain things or people, or to not be there for them when they need🤷🏽‍♀️Not anymore….Thanks


Maybe if I start my business I can get out of this funk….if I lose weight I’ll feel prettt and feel better🤔🤔🤔he’ll want me..he’ll love me more and want me more….my dr says these pills will fix me😒😒😒I kind of wanna be like🤣to his face cause for the last going on 5 yrs I’ve been a test dummy…. Zoloft✔️ Lexapro✔️ Prozac✔️ Wellbutrin✔️ Abilify✔️Effexor✔️🤦🏾‍♀️ this is just as insane as the thoughts that rush through my mind….binge eating has become the highlight of my day😌that and having an empty silent house ALL to myself with no texts or calls interrupting the quiet…. I wonder if this is how my mom felt but decided to keep it hidden. I wonder if she left because “she” was ready and tired of feeling this way…. the way my sisters and I feel…empty sometimes. Rage often… hurt and lonely… angry and sad…extremely daring smh…that’s a day in my head..being me…BUT I’m attempting to PUSH on and not give in to this…..whatever it is


I can only stand strong and be mindful of and for others for so long… I’m human. I can break and I can need and take time to myself for myself without feeling guilty…Right? This is what I keep drowning out in my head as I try to pretend to by everything everyone I’ve ever encountered in life bestowed on me to be… this all is a weight an unmeasurable amount of weight that I can not escape or be rid of permanently like I want to be. Torn between should I stay and see what will change with him or move on with him since he says he loves me but shows me I’m just a tool. Am I being a good mom to them, am I evil like my momma was and lashing out for the wrong things or am I right for disciplining them…. I pray for a sign that stepping away and for me will be what I need. The fresh start to starting over and finding me and loving me and not having a constant void needing to be filled🤦🏾‍♀️ I wish I could just 📦 this shit all up and throw it in the ocean and never be bothered with any of it again


Its too pretty of a day to be in yet the thought of having to be around people, strangers gives me tension in my neck and a migraine to accompany it….. the kids are having fun so I gotta fake it a little bit longer….. I think I can do this…

Case of the ex

Definitely my first and should’ve been my all and last but life tumbled it’s way for you and a million for me…let’s keep in touch through the patches and storms that life gifts us with you help me and vice versa common goal being each other’s well being. Would’ve never imagined you’d change it up and be as average and unmeasuring undeserving as any other until you showed me you’ve flipped and turn over different leaves. When you can lie next to me after being graced with the essence of what lies between these thighs and conversate about another👀👀🖕🏽🖕🏽 bwoy you tried it! I ain’t gon trip or lose sleep about it though I’m just fall back in line and sit back in the shadows and make you miss the very smell, taste, feeling and look of all that was almost yours…



Literally Cut

Almost 12 hrs later and I’m still in awe of how something as simple as a haircut could turn my entire day and most importantly demeanor around….. I wanna sit in this feeling for awhile and learn to love it and comprehend what it truly means to be comfortable and secure with yourself…..I stressed a little on what he may say and how he may disapprove and be angry😶😶😶and my better mind also told me NOT to….if I don’t love me how the hell am I supposed to expect anybody else to come along and love me. All of me.. the right way…